Do you want to know how well natural hair products work? Or just want to know about your wavy/curly/coily hair? Then you’re in the right place. Here on Curly Hair Magic I provide you with all the information you need on your hair plus very cute apparel. I’m here to give you product reviews, hairstyles, knowledge, and of course help! If you’re new to the curly hair community then you should start off with my series on knowing your hair. If you’ve been natural for as long as you can imagine then you should check out my product reviews or cute hairstyles. I’ve been natural all my life, but used to apply heat on my hair every week. As of August 12, 2017 I have not applied any heat to my hair for a continuous period of time. I’m still learning like everybody else, but I’m here to share my insights with you.

I started Curly Hair Magic on instagram, as @curlyhairmagicinc, to feature people with natural hair who normally no one would see and to give tips. As my page grew I started getting motivated to create my own YouTube channel and help others through there as well. After creating the YouTube channel and creating videos I realized that I wanted to grow even more, so I created this blog page to help even more people.


Now on to me. My name is Jadah Alexa, Alexa is my middle name, and I have 3A/3B hair. I started my completely natural journey on August 12, 2017 because one day I was on YouTube watching makeup videos and saw Jasmine Brown. If you guys know her you know her hair is amazing! After watching her videos and looking at pictures from when I was younger I knew I needed to stop straightening my hair and go completely natural. At first it was extremely hard because I have many different textures, curl types, etc. eventually by using the right products my hair started to fall into place and look decent. As of July 2018,  I have cut my hair four times and finally it is healthy. I am now working on length and using certain products to have less shrinkage.


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