Review of my Devacut Before and After

Today I’m going to tell you about my DevaCut. A DevaCut is a haircut specialized for curly hair. The simple way of explaining it is that a stylist cut your hair curls dry with no product in it. They take each curl individually and cut according to the curl. Depending on what shape you want they’ll cut it that desired way. For example I wanted a rounder shape so my stylist achieved that. I received my DevaCut at the Devachan Salon in NYC on the upper west side with my stylist Tatyana. She did an amazing job with the cut and after used: No Poo Decadence, One Condition Decadence, heaven in hair, leave in decadence, and the ultra defining gel. If you want to see how Tatyana cut and styles my hair check out the video below!

DevaCurl Products Used in Video:

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Devacut Video Review Before and after