Today I’m going to tell you how you can receiver free hair products, host a sponsored giveaway, and how you can become an influencer. In order to do any of these thing though, you need to have a solid platform. Companies work with people who they can help, but who can also help them. As long as you have a social media account where you can post about them you can try out these tips.

How to get Free Hair and Beauty Products

Tip #1: My first tip is to use the phone app called “Influenster”. Influenster is an app where you can post reviews about anything from hair products to recipes. The more you review on their app the more likely you are to receive a VoxBox. A VoxBox is a gift that lets you try out a product and review it on their page. They use all your past reviews to decide on what they’re going to send you. In order for you to receive anything though, you need to be active on the app and giving reviews daily. The more reviews you give the more likely you are to get chose to receive a VoxBox.

Tip #2: My second tip is to use the website “PinchMe”. PinchMe is a website that sends sample size products for FREE. You do not have to put any credit card information in or anything. You just choose the samples you want and then they’ll send it right to your door.

Tip #3: My last tip will most likely be the most efficient way to receive free products. All you have to do is contact the companies yourself. Create a sample writing explaining who you are, what you do, and why you want them to send you free products. If you are a small account I advise you to only email or direct message other small accounts. Like I said before, companies work with people who can help them and if they have 100K followers and you only have 500 what good are you doing them?

How to Become an Influencer

Tip #1: My first tip is piggybacking off of tip #3 in the free products section. Once you contact these businesses and they send you free products you can ask to become apart of their team. If you like the product so much that you’d want to advertise them and make money off of it all you have to do is ask! The worse they can say is no.

Tip #2: My second tip is a website that I found called Social Publi. This website is a place where brands are looking for influencers and influencers are looking for brands. All you have to do is create an account and attach all of your social media accounts to it. If a brand contacts you and you become an influencer for them they will pay you based on how many followers you have. For example: my CurlyHairMagicInc Instagram page has about 1050 followers. If I review a product on my account I will receive $4.00. This website is good because it brings the brands to you instead of you looking for a brand.

How to get Sponsors for a Sponsored Giveaway

This really isn’t a tip, it’s more of a requirement. Unless a brand contacts you and tell you “I want to sponsor your giveaway.” You’ll have to go to them. For my sponsored giveaway I had emailed a brand and asked them if they could sponsor my giveaway. They had told me yes and what to include in terms of rules and a picture. I did exactly what they said and one lucky follower one three of their products. This is probably the easiest requirement out of everything I’ve said because they’re more than likely to say yes and if they don’t it’s their loss because they won’t gain your followers.

For more in depth details about all the tips I shared above please check out the video below

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