I Am Plentiful Review

Welcome to the Curly Hair Magic Blog. Today I’m going to give you my HONEST review on the I Am Pentiful brand. I first heard about them on instagram and was skeptical about trying because there weren’t many reviews on it and it wasn’t the cheapest either. A couple of months later I saw that Aubreana Noble reviewed them and left a code at the bottom to receive 4 products for $25. I couldn’t say no, so I ended up buying it. Here’s what I thought:

  • I Am Pentiful CoWash: I didn’t like this at all. I wasn’t expecting to because my hair is low porosity and needs heavy cleaning and I don’t feel that’s what a cowash does. It was also very thick so I just felt it caused build up. It had enough slip to detangle, but not as much as I wanted.
  • I Am Pentiful Deep Conditioner: I fell in LOVE with this deep conditioner! It moisturized my hair, it was thick, and basically worked miracles. After using the cowash I wasn’t expecting much and it definitely proved me wrong!
  • I Am Pentiful Styler: I’m very iffy about this styler. It gave me the volume I wanted, but in the wrong way. It didn’t have enough hold so my hair was very frizzy. At first it wasn’t that bad, but on day 2 hair it was already time for a wash.

For the full review check out my YouTube video titled I Am Plentiful Review

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